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About Sarah

Sarah Edwards is a seasoned Singer, Actor, and Dancer with over a decade of experience in the vibrant world of Musical Theatre. Known for her spirited performances, Sarah possesses a dynamic mezzo-soprano voice with a robust mix. Whether commanding a solo or blending harmonies within the ensemble, she captivates audiences with her versatility.

Having honed her craft at renowned institutions such as Wright State University and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Sarah currently calls Northern California home. However, she harbors aspirations of relocating to the bustling streets of NYC in the near future.

When she's not lighting up the stage, you can often find Sarah immersed in the cozy atmosphere of local indie bookstores, eagerly discovering new literary gems to inspire her creativity. She's also an avid thrift store explorer, always on the hunt for unique treasures and vintage finds that add a touch of charm to her life.

In her downtime, Sarah enjoys indulging her creative side through crafting, whether it's working on intricate projects like punch needle rugs or crafting handmade items. And of course, she cherishes every moment spent with her beloved dog, whose unwavering companionship brings joy and warmth to her days.

Thank you for visiting the website, and don't hesitate to reach out and connect with Sarah!

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